so much of our precious time is spent working. Your career should be rewarding AND Contribute to your life purpose.


Career coaching is for ...

  • The career woman or man who has lost their passion and is looking for a change

  • The stay-at-home mom who is looking to start their own business or jump back into the workforce

  • The leader who is looking for ways to coach and lead their staff to success

  • The CEO or Executive who needs balance and perspective on work and life

  • The empty nester who knows they are nearly halfway through life and wants to use their time on something that speaks to their heart

  • The unemployed woman or man who needs guidance on next steps

  • The college grad who wants to apply their strengths and passions to their job search

The Career Coaching Process

As your career coach, I will provide you with the tools and guidance necessary for pursuing a passion-filled career. Together, we will assess your personality, values and strengths to help launch you into a purposeful and joy-filled career.

With a career coach, you will receive ...

  • Assessments to uncover your values and unique gifts and passions

  • Action plan and accountability for success

  • Resume review and assistance as needed

  • Interview practice and insights

  • Motivation + encouragement


Why My Journey Coach?

With over 15+ years in the Human Resources field, I understand the recruiting environment and the working world.  I have seen people work with passion and joy in their niche and have also seen many people work for a paycheck and no other reward.  The older I get, the more I realize that we all need to spend our time doing work we love, work we are good at and work that ignites the passion in our hearts. Networking is key and learning how to understand and share your strengths with confidence can help land a perfect career for you. The process may seem intimidating, but having a coach by your side can make the transition easy, smooth and fun.

Make the change you desire. Find a new job or jump back into the workforce, today!

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